March 25th 2017 Pope Francis will be on the Way of St. Augustine

Pope Francis will celebrate the next March 25th 2017 on the Way of St. Augustine, in Monza Park. The Association Way of St. Augustine has been authorized to issue credits to the Park of Monza for the papal visit. Then, we decided to organize a round walk for that day (5 km) from Lissone to Monza Park, in order to to attend this important and unrepeatable meeting. We invite pilgrims who want to participate in this walk and the Pope Mass to write to, requiring the official program of the day and the application form to fill out. Ultreya! The Association Way of St. Augustine

Guide to the Way of St.Augustine

We are pleased to introduce the Guide to the Way of St.Augustine, also known as the Way of the Rose that runs from Monza to Pavia. All information is inside: maps, accommodation, religious, cultural and historical context of visited sites along the route, backpacking and planning suggestions. The Guide is available in Italian and Swiss (only Canton of Ticino) bookstores.

624 pages - 74 maps e 358 pictures
Price: 23,00 Euro - ISBN 978-88-96174-05-0

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